[News]Lee Moon Sae talks about Big Bang’s remake of ‘Sunset Glow’

Singer Lee Moon Sae spoke up about boy group Big Bang remaking his original version of “Sunset Glow“.


On a popular KBS 2TV entertainment program that aired on the 20th, Lee Moon Sae sang the classic song himself, and he told the backstory to how the Big Bang remake came about.


Yang Hyun Suk called me one day and said, ‘hyung! Big Bang might re-vamp ‘Sunset Glow’ and sing it as their own, is that okay?’, so I just told him, ‘Do all my songs!’, and I gave them permission.”


I didn’t do much to help,” he continued. “G-Dragon put my name in the rap for me. When I do events, I actually sing the Big Bang version of “Sunset Glow”. That’s the only way I can get the 20-something year olds get up and start clapping!” he said, which caused everyone to burst out in laughter.


While on set, Lee Moon Sae continued to make everyone laugh with his hilariously witty remarks.



Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate


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