[Me2Twit]2NE1′s Dara enjoys a comfortable walk down the streets of Japan
























On October 3rd, 2NE1′Dara updated her Me2day with some new photos as well as her thoughts on promoting in Japan.

Dara wrote, “A brief moment of rest after completing our Japanese tour.  I walked the streets of Harajuku and ate many delicious things.  Now I’m walking down the street of Shinjuku.  It’s hard for us to be able to walk freely like this in Korea.  Not that there are people who don’t recognize us here, but we’re still able to walk comfortably like this.”

She continued, “I need to work harder to spread awareness about 2NE1.  Strengthened up.”

2NE1 completed their tour with a final concert in Chiba on October 2nd.  They’re currently awaiting the release of their new Japanese single on November 16th.

Netizens commented, “So pretty, it’s easy to spot you out anywhere”, “Please enjoy your stay in Japan”, “The goddess of Shinjuku” and “Absolutely adorable!”


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