[ME2TWIT] Dara’s me2day [201011]


” 좋은아침!^_^ 달옹의 변신! 빠밤! 상큼한보컬이 아닌 여성미 물씬^^;;; 풍기는 여자~로 변신한 다라의 니콘1 광고! 기대해주세요!ㅋ이래뵈도 황싸부님이 인정한 몸매! 빠밤! 아하하하하…예전에 한번 그러셨던거같네요! 아하하하..지금은 아닌가?ㅋ좋은하루보내세요!^^ ”

Good morning! ^_^ Daloong’s transformation! Babamm! Femininity is not a pretty vocal^^;;; This already is a hint of a woman turned into an advertisement for Nikon! Please look forward! Ke But it Hwangssabu-nim have to agree with this body! Babamm! Ahhahaha… Indeed, at one time, I think you’re Don! Ahhahaha.. For now, huh? Have a nice day!^^ ”


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translate: Lene@Daragon.facebook.page


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