[News] MBN to air Daesung’s new drama, “What’s Up”, in December





















It’s been confirmed that Big Bang‘s Daesung will be making his official comeback on TV through MBN‘s new drama, “What’s Up“!

MBC stated that “What’s Up” will begin broadcasting in December as a special weekend drama. The series will run for a total of 18 episodes, each lasting approximately 60 minutes long. While the drama was supposed to air back in March, numerous delays resulted in a decision to broadcast the series in December.

Drama enthusiasts have already shown their interest in the upcoming series, especially with Song Ji Na being the scriptwriter. Song is widely known for her successes in writing “Hourglass”, “The Pupil of Dawn”, and “Tawangsasingi“.

“What’s Up” is a drama about a group of students in their 20s studying a major in musicals; the series follow their experiences in happiness and hardships as they pursue their dreams, passions and love. Daesung will be part of` the main cast of the drama, which includes musical actors Oh Man Suk and Im Joo Hwan.

Source: Daily Economy via Naver
Photo: OSEN


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