[News]Jinuusean to perform at the ‘YG Family Concert’ for what may be the last time

Jinusean, one of YG Entertainment‘s first artists, will be participating in the upcoming ’15th Anniversary YG Family Concert’. It’ll be their first performance in four years since 2007′s ‘YG One Concert’.

Jinusean has been active behind-the-scene by taking on various duties for the company, while supporting their hoobae artists. Since this year’s ‘YG Family Concert’ is a special event commemorating the 15th year of YG Entertainment’s establishment, Jinusean decided to dust off their mics and perform on stage once again.

It’s been rumored that their hoobaes (such as Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1) actively pleaded the duo to perform. Jinusean politely refused until CEO Yang Hyun Suk himself stepped up to persuade them.

YG Entertainment stated, “Seeing as how difficult it was to persuade them, this may really be Jinusean’s last performance. They will put on a special performance to collaborate with their hoobae artists, as well as showcase their own stage, fit for the oldest group from YG.”

’15th Anniversary YG Family Concert’ will be held this coming December and January in Korea and Japan, and is expected to draw in a total of 200,000 spectators.


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