[News]Big Bang apologizes to VIPs at YG Family Concert

VIPs worldwide drew a sigh of relief when YG Entertainment announced earlier this week that Big Bang would be performing as five at the YG Family Concert this weekend. The quintet hadn’t performed together since Love Song promotions in April due to Daesung‘s motorcycle accidentG-Dragon‘s marijuana scandal and both members’ subsequent hiatuses from the industry this year.

In the middle of the concert, resident rapper T.O.P expressed, “It’s incredible to have all five members of Big Bang united on one stage. I’m happy to be here to celebrate YG Entertainment’s fifteenth anniversary. This has been a busy year for YG Entertainment, but you have all stayed with and supported us and we thank you.

Daesung opened up, saying, “It’s been a while since I’ve performed on the stage. I’m just grateful to be here. The difficulties I experienced gave me a chance to realize how important music and the stage are to me. I will always be grateful to be on stage.

I’m sorry for creating so much trouble due to my mistake,” G-Dragon apologized. “I’ll be careful to not have this repeat again. I think I can only express my appreciation by giving better music and performances. I’ll do my best to give my fans a big present.

Despite the hardships that Big Bang has encountered and overcome this year, it’s safe to say that fans are thrilled and welcoming the quintet back with open arms.


Source: Allkpop


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