2NE1 and BIGBANG in Top Digital Sellers in K-POP for 2011


With 2011 counting down to a close, the industry is slowing down to look back at its achievements over the past year. Following a list of the most successful producersStar News has followed up with a ranking of the most popular digital tracks over the past months.

The list was compiled by Olleh Music and ranks the top 50 songs this year which performed the best in the digital form. The number was determined by combining the number of downloads + the number of streams the song received on its website.

The honors for first place went to G.NA with her January title, “Black & White“. The song fared well, not only because of its early January release – which gives it a head-start advantage – but also for an easy melody that was accepted by both young and old alike.

The top ten was rounded out by Big Bang with “Tonight” (#4), SECRET with “Shy Boy” (#5), f(x) with “Pinocchio” (#6), CN BLUE with “Intuition” (#8), and B2ST with “Fiction” (#10).

2NE1 also had a strong year with 4 songs on the top 50, including “Lonely“, “Don’t Cry“, “I Am the Best“, and “Ugly” at #14, 16, 22, and 39, respectively.

MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge’ also shook the charts with their ‘West Coast Highway Music Festival’ challenge, where each member teamed up with a songwriter to pen their own duet track. Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon‘s collaboration track, “I Cheated“, landed at #20.

Counting by individual months, the top songs for each month this year were Hyun Bin’s “That Man” (January), G.NA’s “Black & White” (February), Big Bang’s “Tonight” (March), Orange Caramel‘s “Bangkok City” (April), Sistar19‘s “Ma Boy” (May), SECRET‘s “Starlight Moonlight” (June), GG‘s “I Cheated” with 2NE1’s Park Bom (July), 2NE1′s “Ugly” (August), Davichi‘s “Don’t Say Goodbye” (September), Lee Seung Gi‘s “Love Time” (October), and Wonder Girls’ “Be My Baby” (November).

  • 4. “Tonight” – Big Bang
  • 14. “Lonely” – 2NE1
  • 116. “Don’t Cry” – Park Bom
  • 120. “I Cheated” – GG (feat. Park Bom)
  • 22. “I Am the Best” – 2NE1
  • 39. “Ugly” – 2NE1
  • 41. “Love Song” – Big Bang
  • 47. “Cafe” – Big Bang


C:: Allkpop.com


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