[News]Meet 2NE1′s Favorite Fashion Desinger, Jeremy Scott!

By Samantha Edussuriya
December 10, 2011

Trying to pin point the exact source of 2NE1′s massive appeal is near impossible — between Minzy’s liquid dances moves, CL’s spitfire rapping, Dara’s grace, and Bom’s strong vocals the girls have every angle covered. And that’s if we HAD to arbitrarily highlight a strength. All four are multi-talented, multi-faceted bishes, and you know it.

But one of the most riveting aspects of 2NE1 has to be the fashion. From Minzy’s Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott X-Ray tracksuit (customized with spikes!) in the “Can’t Nobody” video to CL rocking Jeremy Scott Toolbox sunglasses in the “Fire” video to the Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott King of Africa sweatsuits all girls seem to love wearing all the time (see below to spot 2NE1′s MTV Iggy Best New Band acceptance video)…let’s just say they love Jeremy Scott designs and his clothes have become an integral part of their many, many looks.

We caught up with the Los Angeles-based designer as he prepared to travel to NYC to watch 2NE1 perform at MTV Iggy’s Best New Band concert on 12.12.11 for his thoughts on global fashion and his friendship with the K-pop superstars.

Your designs are much loved by musicians – MIA, Robyn, 2NE1 to name just a few. What do you listen to when designing?

I listen to 2NE1, MIA, and Robyn as well as all my other friends too, like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

It’s interesting that your designs appeal to musicians across the world – they transcend regional preferences and aesthetics. Do you have a theory as to why?

Yes, that’s true. I guess maybe it’s because I have a very optimistic, fun, and color vision. I believe that transcends everything.

Your second collection for Adidas and your own “Bone to Be Wild” collection in 2009 prefigured the tribal/urban streetwear trend and the growing interest in global aesthetics in pop culture. What inspired you 2 years ago? Did you notice something in particular brewing beneath the surface, culturally?

As my design process is so organic — I just feel inspiration and I try to create a vision of what I think people will find to be inspiring and new. And if what I envision ends up inspiring people in a broader way, then that’s great as well.

2NE1 rocked your fashion from very early on and usually wear a piece of two (at least) of your clothing in every music video and at every event. What was it like when you eventually met in person? How did you find out that they were such huge fans?

Well, I saw their videos online and was so excited to see these dynamic girls with such great style and sound wearing my clothes. When I was asked by Adidas to come to Korea to launch my collection in Seoul, I said I wanted to meet these magnificent girls!

So we met the first day I landed in Korea at a photo studio for Nylon Magazine — I was in love at first sight when I met the girls!

Each one has such a unique personality and beauty.

My love for 2NE1 has grown even more as our friendship has blossomed.

You’re really close to CL, leader of 2NE1. Don’t mean to pry, but can you tell us what you do when you hang out?

Yes, CL and I are very close. We text and email and talk on the phone a lot. We are both traveling around the world. When wer are together, we go out to eat — she’s always finding me vegetarian restaurants for me as I don’t eat meat. We go shopping and just hang out in the studio talking and laughing all night long — things that all friends do!

Which Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals JS Wings sneakers sell better – the white satin sneakers, or the leopard-multi-colored ones?

Well, I think they are pretty equal but the cow and mutli-colored ones are probably a little more popular as they are so cute!

MTV Iggy is about to crown 2NE1 the Best Band in the World. Somehow, we think you’re hardly surprised! Any words on their growing global success and the concert in Times Square?

I am so excited for the girls to receive this award! It’s so well deserved and I couldn’t be more proud of them. And of course I couldn’t miss their first US performance so I had to come to NY for it!

How did you get into K-pop? Does living in LA, home to the biggest K-town in the US have anything to do with it?

Yes it’s true that LA has the largest population of Koreans outside Korea and that’s wonderful. But my love of K-pop has nothing to do with that and all to do with 2NE1!

What’s next for Jeremy Scott?

I’m working on my next collection for fall, which I’m really excited about as I can’t wait to share it with the world!

Source: mtviggy.com


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