[News]Tablo ranks #5 on MTV Iggy’s ‘Top 20 Debut Albums’

2011 definitely seems to be Tablo‘s year.

It’s no secret that Tablo’s ‘Fever’s End’ has been praised highly by legendary Korean musicians as well as fans within Korea and overseas. As a result, his albums (both Part 1 and Part 2) have swept domestic as well as international charts such as iTunes and Billboard’s World Album Chart.

Tablo snagged another achievement recently after MTV Iggy crowned his album in 5th place on their ‘Best Beginnings: 2011 in 20 Debut Albums’ chart, which ranks the top 20 albums released this year all over the world.

YG Entertainment stated, “Tablo’s sincerity in his music seems to have touched not only those within Korea, but fans overseas as well… Tablo will try even harder to produce music that even more people can identify with in the future.”

Also on the list at #4 was a Korean indie band, The Koxx.

Source + Photo: Star News


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