[FULL INTERVIEW] Dara for SBS E!News Interview! “Our dating ban might be extended.”


Park Junga’s Celebrity starring Sandara Park: “Our dating ban might be extended.”

“I make albums on the members’ birthdays and give it to them as a present too.”

The stars in front of cameras sweep spectators away with their flawless and amazing appearance. Let’s meet with the stars, behind the scenes, and see what is it they do, how they compose themselves, and what are they preparing for, for tomorrow.

As a result, the first guest on ‘Lee Junga’s Celebrity’ is the talented girl group, 2NE1’s Sandara Park. Making spectators delighted with her fresh, lively image, Sandara Park’s hobby is taking pictures.

Suitable for a cute girl like her, her camera is the Nikon J1 model. The powerful red colour suits her very well. Let’s see when she began this hobby of her’s.

“I’m not sure when it started exactly, but I have a lot of photos starting from when I was just a baby. I think that I enjoyed being photographed at that time. After I debuted, I carry my camera around and take a lot of pictures. I want to keep a lot of memories from when I was working.”

While being so busy, is there enough time to have hobbies like this?

“There’s a lot of time. I take pictures on the plane, and I make time to take pictures too. The members often show up in my pictures, and these days I take a lot of pictures of our cat. Our cat is my model, lately.”

What kind of meaning does this kind of hobby have for the ‘person’ Sandara Park versus the ‘singer’ Sandara Park.

“Taking pictures has been a great help to me. Since they are all memories, they’re all precious… and as time passes, I may come to forget what I did the day before, and in the future, when I miss this time of my life, I can look back at it again, so I think it’s really great. As a result, I really really take a lot of photos.”

Taking this many photos seems like you’d have a problem with storing them all, so we asked whether she’s made an album to store them in.

“In the past, I stored a lot on CDs, but these days I store them in individual folders on my computer. I also really like making albums, so on the members’ birthdays, I making them albums and give it to them as a present. I couldn’t do it this year, but I did it last year. I also like printing things out myself so sometimes I’ll take pictures and write letters to give too.”

We’re curious of which photographer Sandara Park likes the best, as she has never had formal lessons for taking pictures. “I like photographer Hong Janghyun, who’ve I”ve worked with before. He works extremely fast, but his work is always really lively and astonishing. You can feel the energy in his photos. I’ve never shown my photos to him. I’m shy. (Ha ha)”

We thought that it might be nice if we could see some photos that she worked so hard on to take. We’re curious as to what her photos look like.

“Since I’m quite shy to begin with, I didn’t think about it for a while, but I got an idea to maybe come out with a book. I really have a lot of photos. I think the fans would like it too. I’m thinking that it could come out as soon as next year, but I’m not 100% sure about it yet.”

Other than photos, Sandara Park wants to try her hand at something else as well. This passion could be the reason for her always looking so lively.

“I also want to try taking and editing videos. In the future, I want to try making an emotional music video with the members, and add music, and analogue by myself.”

Sandara Park revealed her love for photography with a constantly lively appearance. It was different from the Sandara Park we know on stage. If you only ever work, you can tire yourself easily, but seeing that she’s found a hobby that can make her really happy was a relief.

It seems like there’s a lot of fans that are concerned about Sandara Park’s health, who’s always spending her busy days traveling back and forth between Japan and Korea.

“Since it’s cold, when I work, sometimes snot comes out of my nose, but it’s alright. I’m not the type to suddenly get really sick, fast. I take care of my health by always taking my vitamins and red ginseng.”

Come to think of it, Sandara Park communicates a lot with her fans through social networking sites, compared to other celebrities. She seems to be a very hard working star.

“I find social networking sites really interesting. No matter how late I finish work, I enjoy checking my SNS’s and communicating with my fans. Even if the number of comments pass the hundreds, I try to read them all.”

Perhaps it’s because she’s found hobbies outside of her work. We’re curious about how she always manages to look bright and lively.

“Of course those can be the reasons as well, but more than anything, the thing that gives me the strength the most is being together with our members. I have my personal problems as well, of course, but I worry about those in my own time, and I try to enjoy my life with the members.”

This year, 2NE1 had a busier year than anyone else. What is the most memorable thing from this year.

“2NE1 has not been the type to have several promotions, but it seems like we really had a lot of activities this year. Wow!!!! A while ago, we went to New York and received an award from MTV, too. Wow!!!! Even when I think about it now, I still can’t believe it. In the new year too, we’ll work hard and continue to do a variety of activities!”

Above all else, as Sandara Park revealed, next year is the year that the dating ban from their company will be lifted. It seems like because of that, Sandara Park would have thought a bit about dating. However Sandara Park gave an unexpected answer.

“When people look at me, they say I probably won’t be any good at dating. I ask them, ‘why?’ And they say that it’s because I dream about having a guy like the princes in movies. (Ha ha). But I really wanted to say this. Originally, our president said that he’d lift the ban in May of next year. But after those words were broadcasted, people asked me, ‘How’s your love life coming along?’ And as soon as our president heard, he shouted out ‘It’s not allowed!’. Un! Be! Liev! Able!


Source: http://news.sbs.co.kr/section_news/news_re…_id=N1001058639

Trans: GEE @ ygladies.com


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