[News]Psy Reveals How He Became a Singer on ‘Star Life Theater’

On January 3rd, multi-talented entertainer Psy shared his story on how he became a singer through KBS2TV‘s ’Star Life Theater‘.

“Debuting as a singer was like fate, it found me,” he said. “Originally, my company had no plans to debut me, but at a company outing, the president saw me having fun and singing, and told me ‘Let’s make a song from the dance you just did’. With that we quickly wrote the song ‘Bird‘, and that’s how I debuted on television.”

Psy debuted in 2001 with “Bird”, and became an instant sensation because of his ‘bird-like’ choreography, which you can revisit below:

The following year, “Champion” became a huge hit, and Psy got to write tracks for other artists, such as Lee Seung Gi‘s debut song, “Because You’re My Girl“.

Psy has since signed with YG Entertainment and became a sensation once again thanks to his latest hit, “Right Now“.

Source + Image: Mydaily
Credits: Allkpop


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