[News]Stars show their support for SE7EN’s comeback

SE7EN released his new mini-album and “When I Can’t Singmusic video earlier today.

Upon the video’s release, SE7EN tweeted,

Se7en new album [When I can’t sing] Music video OPEN!!! Everybody RT plz!!!

SE7EN’s call for support was answered as stars began to send in their messages and retweets of support.

Alexander: “SE7EN is BACK! Let’s SUPPORT! Fighting bro~ God bless! ^-^

HaHa: “Daebak song

Tablo: “A song I can identify with…

B2ST‘s Hyunseung: “The real has come..!!!

San-E: “Kya this song… I tried rapping to it once.. This song is the best. It really suits you..

miss A‘s Min: “Wow! This song is daebak daebak daebak!!!!!! Heeheehee Congratulations on your comeback!!

miss A’s Jia: “Oppa~~ The song is awesome!!!! I’m anticipating your comeback stage!!! Fighting fighting!!!!

Source: Twitter


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