[NEWS] Aimee Lee Lucas, Lydia Paek & more release alternative dance cover to 2NE1′s “I Am The Best”


Looks like we have another incredible dance cover in our hands, and this time it’s by none other thanAimee Lee LucasLydia PaekEllen Kim and Aye Hasegawa!

Shot like a real music video, the story follows Aimee, Lydia, Ellen and Aye competing to impress a love interest played by Carlin James. While using the original 2NE1 track, the ladies’ performance shows off alternate choreography by Ellen Kim to give this fierce hit a fresh twist.

To introduce the video, Ellen shared in the information box:

“Hello! I promised you that I will be doing a 2NE1 song, so here it is!! I wanted to approach this song differently. Instead of showcasing choreography, I incorporated a concept. It was such a pleasure to work with these ladies and the ones previous to this video. Hope you enjoy!!”

Aimee Lee Lucas has racked up a fanbase of Blackjacks and V.I.P’s due to her close involvement with YG Entertainment, having choreographed for 2NE1 and worked as G-Dragon & Taeyang‘s dance partner for various projects. Lydia Paek is a member of Quest Crew and Boxcuttuhz and also worked with YG to co-produce Park Bom‘s “Don’t Cry” with Teddy. Ellen Kim is a member of Movement Lifestyle, which has closely worked with YG Entertainment, and Lost Kidz. Aye Hasegawa is also a member of Boxcuttuhz.

source: allkpop.com



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