[NEWS] 120522 ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Jo Jung Suk confesses “Ideal type? 2NE1′s CL”

Actor Jo Jung Suk has said that 2NE1′s CL is his ideal type.

On the afternoon of 23 May, while being interviewed by OSEN in a restaurant near Hongdae, he was asked to name someone among idols that fit his ideal type, and his answer was ’2NE1′s CL’.

Jo Jung Suk then explained his choice by saying, “(My) ideal type changes often. I like people with charm. CL is very charming.”

He also said, “for me, no matter how pretty a girl is, if she’s not kind, she looks ugly to me. I like girls who look kind and friendly.”

Jo Jung Suk has recently gotten popular with his role as Eun Shi Kyung, a captain of the Royal Guards on the MBC drama series, “The King 2 Hearts” that ends on 24 May.

T/N: This is not the first time actor, Jo Jung Suk mentioned CL in an interview. Back in 2011 he praised CL in an interview with BTN news. Even after a year our beautiful Chaerin continues to charm this talented actor.

Source: Osen via Nate
Translated by nyldeabcd@CLtheBaddestFemale.com/ygladies.com


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