[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk gives Big Bang & 2NE1′s upcoming releases “100 points out of 100″

YG Entertainment‘s Big Bang and 2NE1 will both be making their respective comebacks this summer. Not only has news of their comeback grabbed the full attention of the industry insiders, YG fans are also eagerly awaiting the new material to drop.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk informed StarIn on May 29th, “Big Bang will be releasing new songs on June 3rd and June 6th, and 2NE1 has also been confirmed for a new album release in June.”

As previously reported, Big Bang will be releasing five new songs including “Monster” with their special edition album ‘Still Alive‘. This album will also contain five of the original tracks included in their fifth mini-album, ‘Alive‘.

Korean fans will not get to see much of Big Bang as the boys are currently focusing on their World Tour while residing in Japan, but 2NE1 will be filling in that void. The girls have just completed seven new songs with their producer Teddy Park, and are in discussions over which track should be pushed as their title song. Once 2NE1′s album officially drops, the ladies will be actively promoting on television broadcasts. Whether their new album will be a mini-album or a formal full album has not yet been decided.

Both Big Bang and 2NE1 have worked extremely well together since their debut, and truly enjoy doing music,” Yang Hyun Suk remarked. “This is my personal opinion, but I would like to give both teams’ new songs 100 points out of 100.”

I feel especially at ease when it comes to 2NE1,” he added. “2NE1 has consistently claimed their victory with good songs, and they further became acknowledged for their fashion sense and talents. Their comeback should be something to look forward to.”

Source & Image: StarIn via Nate + allkpop


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