‎[ARTICLE] 2NE1′s ‘I Love You’ Achieves All-Kill on Weekly Charts + Wins Netizen Popular Battle

In addition to topping charts upong the release of “I Love You‘, 2NE1 has managed to sustain their lead and place #1 on the weekly chart of every major online music retailer.

They also won this week’s Mel0n Chart Battle, which is a weekly poll voted on by Mel0n users, for favorite song of the week between the Top 10 songs.

For those keeping count, From Jan 2012 til today, YGE singers hit the melon’s roof 41 times. JYP – 4 times, SM – 3 times. Big Bang’s Blue hit melon’s roof 20 times, Bad Boy – 4, Monster – 5, 2NE1′s I Love you – 10 & Psy’s Gangnam Style – 2.

2NE1 have really reminded people why they are considered true Digital Monsters. CONGRATULATIONS to our girls.

Source: Ł @bestiz and kazzy@ygladies.com
Article by tazanya@ygladies.com


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