2NE1′s CL hacked Dara’s Twitter?

2NE1‘s Dara was apparently hacked by one of her own members, CL.


The following posts were made to Dara’s Twitter on the 19th: “Twitter”, “Wow. I’m a dummy”, “Ooh-Eh. Wowie-Oh-Ooh-Eh-Oh-Yoohoo”, “I love you”, and “I am Ssandora Park”.


Seeing the string of bizarre tweets, Park Bom responded, “What are you doing?” and “Laliloolelo”, while actor Jung Il Woo commented, “Are you drunk?”


Dara finally saw what was going on and explained, “Ack. While I was getting my makeup done, the leader took my phone and played around with it. Oh, my stomach. Oh, my stomach. What is this.”


Fans and netizens commented, “I was shocked because I thought Dara’s Twitter was hacked only two days after she made it”, “I was worried you were really hacked”, “It’s so cute that Park Bom looked at all the mentions”, and “It’s funny because Jung Il Woo seemed serious.”


Source: Dara’s Twitter



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