ABC News Praises PSY Single ‘Gentleman’… “Can’t Understand The Lyrics, But Highly Addictive!”

ABC News praises PSY’s new single ‘Gentleman’ as highly addictive. The US broadcasting company hopes PSY won’t be a one-hit wonder

American Broadcasting Company, ABC, has called PSY’s new single ‘highly addictive.’

“PSY has released his new single. Although he wears gentleman-like clothing in his music video, he acts more like a mischievous boy,” ABC reported on Sunday morning. “Mixed with English and Korean, the lyrics are difficult to understand. But the song is highly addictive nonetheless.”

ABC will be on the watch to see whether PSY will be able to surpass the record-breaking success of ‘Gangnam Style’ or run into the danger of becoming a ‘one-hit wonder.’

ABC had previously covered PSY’s concert, ‘Happening,’ at Seoul’s World Cup Stadium. An on-the-ground reporter, explaining the general vibe of the concert had said, “Although North Korea is making nuclear threats, I don’t think the audience members here feel any anxiety.”

He went on to say, “We are going to cheer and sing loudly together. We aren’t very far from North Korea, so they’ll be able to hear our cheers,” adding to PSY’s words.

On Saturday evening, PSY opened his solo concert for an audience of more than 45,000. After staying about a week or so in Korea for ‘Gentleman,’ PSY plans to go overseas to continue working.

Source: kpopstarz

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