Lee Hi Gets All the Love From YG Family

Behind the support of all her senior artists at YG Entertainment, singer Lee Hi will make her first appearance on MBC’s “Music Core” with “Rose.”

As the youngest artist at YG, she gets all the love there is to spare.

What is the secret of the 16-year old?

From the beginning stages of her career at the audition show “K-Pop Star,” YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk was ready to sign Lee Hi. In fact, he did just that after the finale of the show in which she was a runner-up behind Park Ji Min.

Her debut song, “1,2,3,4,” which was produced and released in light speed, was a great success. “It’s Over” and “Rose” have also trailed successfully, topping the charts. It is her unique, mesmerizing vocals that have been the driving force of her success as well as the continual support from her YG members.

Psy put Lee Hi on stage during his solo concert, ‘Happening,’ which was broadcast live on YouTube.  She performed in Park Jung Hyun’s stead.G-Dragon also featured Lee Hi during his solo world concert in March, while 2NE1′s CL volunteered to feature in the performance of “Rose” on SBS ‘Inkigayo.’

Lee Hi also featured in Tablo’s “It’s Cold” which ranked number one on the charts.

Source: kpopstarz


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