A mysterious video teaser for ’2NE1 Loves’ surfaces featuring CL


After the release of YGE‘s latest ambiguous teaser hinting at something big to come on May 28th, a mysterious video teaser for a project called ‘2NE1 Loves‘ is making its way around the web!


Fans came across this video teaser titled ‘2NE1 Loves Vol.1 – CL Loves‘ with a link to a website 2ne1loves.com. Of course with the timing of this mysterious video and YG Entertainment’s latest teasing, fans are predicting perhaps this is a teaser for 2NE1′s comeback!


However, that leaves the question of why this video was uploaded separately with a separate website launch and not on the girls’ official channel, leading others to believe this is perhaps a collaborative project as an endorsement for a brand.


Whatever it may be for, the teaser is hot and is bound to grab your interests! Take a look below and leave your guesses!

check out the video by clicking this link!

Source: Allkpop



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