[NEWS] After 4 Years of Debuting in 2NE1, CL is Confirmed to Release her First Solo Single w/ a Music Video

2NE1‘s leader CL will be releasing her very first solo single after debuting as a part of 2NE1 four years ago.

On the 15th through YG Entertainment’s blog where they are little by little releasing teasers for who will be the next among their artists to make a comeback/debut, YG finally ended the mystery by confirming that CL will be releasing her first solo single on the coming 28th of May.

A representative from YG said, “We still cannot reveal specific details about it yet, but CL’s solo song to be released is a hidden card that was strongly pushed by YG, representatives and the producers. Her solo song will be new, fresh, and something that is rarely to be seen in the existing music industry.”

He also added, “Together with the release of CL’s first single, she will not be doing short-term projects but normal promotional activities instead. A music video is also scheduled to be released together with her solo song and she will be appearing on (music show) broadcasts on the weekend after the release of the single for promotions.”

Source: Nate News
Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveChaerin.com


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