[Exclusive Interview] Yang Hyun-suk “extremely satisfied” with CL’s MV

YG’s CEO Yang Hyun-suk’s high praise for CL’s new MV for her first solo debut is drawing attention in the music industry.

Yang’s comment came as a surprise to all because normally, the CEO tends to hold back on giving compliments. So when he said he is extremely satisfied with CL’s upcoming music video of her first solo song “The Baddest Female,” (which is to be released on May 28) it surprised many who heard it. Artists like Lee Hi and BigBang, who belong to the CEO’s entertainment agency, often said how “tight” he could get when it comes to giving compliments. So his overly enthusiastic comment for CL is building up expectations of the fans.

To OSEN, who on May 24 asked Yang about the MV production process, Yang replied, “Producer Seo Hyun-seung is busily working on the editing of “The Baddest Female” at the YG office right now. I had a sneak peek of the MV’s preview and I am sure that the outcome will be extremely satisfying.”

He added, “rating music and contents with a numerical score itself is not right, but the reason I want to give a high score on CL’s new MV is the strong teamwork of YG members. I can compare it to a soccer match for example. Even if a team is consisted of amazing players, without teamwork the team cannot win. So “The Baddest Female” is the result of a magnificent teamwork of YG members, and I want to give full credit for that.”

CL was only 16 when she first joined YG. For 7 years she was with the agency. The main producer of YG, who was back then a member of 1Tym, has been with the agency for 15 years. He was also the producer of CL’s upcoming song. The MV producer, Seo Hyun-seung, almost worked exclusively on YG artists’ music videos for the last 10 years. Yang Seung-ho, the stylist for 2NE1, was a student at a British fashion school until when he was scouted to be YG’s stylist almost 5 years ago. He quit his studies and joined YG.

The CEO did not hold back on giving high praises to the staff members. “The creative minds at YG compliment each other so well and the synergy created between them produced the best outcomes.”

He added, “Unlike paintings or drawing that is more of a solitary activity, pop culture contents like music and movie cannot be produced by one person’s effort. For good music you need a good producer, and a talented singer who can express it, and a remarkable music video and styling. They are all closely related, so the key aspect in a successful promotion of k-pop to overseas is the unbeatable teamwork between creative staff members and artists.”

Such elaborate comment on the upcoming song is heightening the expectations, because just before the release of the mega-hit “Gangnam Style,” the only comment Yang gave was “I have a good feeling about it.” So it is no wonder his big thumbs up for CL’s “The Baddest Female” are exciting the fans even more.

Meanwhile, CL will be making a solo debut for the first time since 2NE1’s debut 4 years ago. “The Baddest Female” will be released May 28, and the fans are highly excited for the new solo artist.

2013. 5. 24.

Source: YG-life
Link: http://www.yg-life.com/?p=18140&lang=en


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