CRUSH,” the 2nd full album released for the first time in 4 years by YG’s 2NE1, came out in an offline version on March 7 through on and offline music stores across South Korea.

The offline album consisting of a total of 10 songs including the double titles “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU,” was released in 2 versions of Pink and Black editions. Each version holds pictures of charming 2NE1 in line with the color.

As the preparation process was long, 2NE1 put effort into each song as if every one of them was the title. The album cuts across reggae, hip-hop, R&B and other genres.

CL, the leader, was involved in writing and composing of 3 songs “CRUSH,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and “BABY I MISS YOU,” while writing “SCREAM” and her solo song “MTBD”, participating in writing and composing of a total of 5 songs.

2NE1’s album received good reviews through word of mouth even before it was released. The songs that were released online in the evening of Feb 26 immediately swept across online music charts, while topping 7 iTunes across the world.

On March 5, 2NE1 ranked #61 on Billboard 200, which breaks the record for South Korean album on the chart.

Foreign media like AP, Popdust, FUSE TV, VICE.OM and SPIN are also intensively spotlighting the four divas’ album.

2NE1 is to hold their first TV comeback on SBS’s Inkigayo on March 9, while kicking off their 2nd World Tour of “ALL OR NOTHING” overseas in Hong Kong from March 22.


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