[News]Actor Ji Hyun Woo confesses, “I sincerely like Yoo In Na”


[News] YG Entertainment Breaks Stock Records


[News]Big Bang wins “Best Worldwide Act” at MTV’s 2011 Europe Music Awards


[News]Big Bang unleashes special edition EP

This week has been dominated by the numerous teasers Big Bang rolled out for their special edition mini-album, and it’s only a small tidbit of the success the boys will achieve in the following weeks. (more…)

[News]Big Bang to return with 4.5 album in April

Last week, YG Entertainment representatives announced that Big Bang is currently preparing for a new album that’s to be released later on this year. They also added that Big Bang’s upcoming album would include songs from world-renowned producers. (more…)

[Me2Twit]Dara’s Airport Fashion

” 와쌉?!? ^.^ 일본도착! 다롱 오늘의 공항패션은 “시큼녀” 컨셉이에요!ㅋ 시크하고 상큼한 여자=시큼녀ㅋ 심플하고 시크한 의상에 약간의 블링블링함을 슉슉넣고 삼단 사과머리로 상큼함과 귀여움을 더했어요! 투애니원의 첫인상을 상큼하게 심어주기위하여! 홧팅!^_^” (more…)

[Photos] Nikon Imaging Korea and YG Entertainment join forces

On March 8th, Nikon Imaging Korea and YG Entertainment held a ceremony celebrating their collaboration at Seoul’s Hyatt Hotel.

YG Family members, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and Yoo In Na made their appearances at the event and lit up the event with their presence. (more…)