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[News] YG Entertainment Breaks Stock Records



[News]Big Bang wins “Best Worldwide Act” at MTV’s 2011 Europe Music Awards


[News] MTV’s Artist of The Year Goes to 2NE1!

Looks like the girl’s are at it again. Proving their hardwork and creativity, 2NE1 reigned supreme at this year’s DAUM-MTV Music Festival held today (February 19, 2011) at Hwajong University, Korea. Not only that, the music festival is also shown in all 8 countries via MTV Channel. Definitely a prestigious show. (more…)



[NEWS] Reasons Why 2ne1 and Miss A Are included in 2011 Korean Pop Music Awards

The committee held a press conference at the Rachel Carson Hall on the morning of January 25th, the committee revealed their nominees for a total of 25 different categories.


[ME2TWIT] PSY me2day Update with Kim Jang Hoon

Psy: 공연쟁이들이 가장 뜻 깊어하는 상…받았어용^^ 2010년 인터파크에서 티켓파워가 제일 쎘다네요…ㄲ ㅑ!!!!


~Remember him from another article. Isn’t he the one who hugged SNSD’s Taeyeon? keke. That’s the only thing I know bout him. >.<

[NEWS] PSY Wins Best Album Award at the 20th High 1 Seoul Music Awards + Performance

The High 1 Seoul Music Awards were a little more special this year because it was the 20th anniversary. Kpop artists such as SNSD, 4-minute, Supreme Team and Bobby Kim were invited to perform. It was only PSY who represent the whole YG Family in the said event.