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[NEWS] Jinusean member Sean parodies Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing”


Sean Ro of old school hip hop duo Jinusean made his fans laugh after parodying a song which he dedicated to his wife Jung Hae Young.

The rapper shared the photo below via his official Twitter page on February 17th and wrote, “Even if I can’t ‘hip hop’~ Even if I don’t wear Nike shoes~ If I no longer wear New Era hats and stop preparing suprises~ Will you be able to love me for me. Sean’s remix. “When I Can’t Hip Hop”.

He was parodying his fellow YG Entertainment label mate Se7en and his new song “When I Can’t Sing“, turning it into “When I Can’t Hip Hop” for his wife. His lyrics ‘Nike shoes’ and ‘New Era hat’ which are “key accessories” for a ‘hip hop artist’ evoked much laughter amongst netizens, as did his photo.

In between laughs, his followers commented, “Yes, of course!”, “Hilarious“, “Still awesome!”, and more.

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On July 21st, YG Entertainment and avex announced the establishment of their new collaboration label, ‘YGEX‘, through a press conference at a hotel in Odaiba, Tokyo. (more…)

[NEWS] Jinu is heading to the Philippines

I was browsing the net and lookin’ for some news about other YG artists before, such as Lexy and JinuSean, and found an article which has not been posted yet. It was a not so old article, being it published on the 5th of May about Sean of YG Entertainment’s JinuSean and his son Harang.


[NEWS] Sean’s son Harang is a mini-Taeyang

Singer Sean recently tweeted a photo of his son Harang at the barber shop, and fans can’t stop gushing over how adorable the photo is!


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Up until the 24th, for the duration of 4 days, the 2011 Seoul Photoshow (P&I 2011) will be taking place at the Samsungdong Coex. On the 21st, Nikon Imaging Korea will be hosting a “Photo Talk Show with YG Family”. (more…)