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[Me2Twit]‘Not the Best’ G-Dragon is sad beside ‘The Best’ Sandara

Looking forward to 2NE1’s comeback, member Dara revealed a photo taken with Big Bang’s G-Dragonat the music video filming set of their new song, “I’m the Best“.

On her Me2day on June 18th, she posted a photo with the caption, “Our CEO, Teddy oppa, Kush, Jiyongie who’s come to support us at the I’m the Best~ music video set! Warm YG family, who constantly comes to cheer us on since ‘Fire’! Because of you guys, we can pull our strength up for the tiring and hard overnight filming! ^0^ I’m not sleepy~!!! Ke Even though it’s written that he’s not the best, a photo with the actual best~ GD!

In the photo, G-Dragon is shown making a glum face while holding a sheet that says, “I’m… not the best”, while Dara is sporting a funky hairstyle and holding a piece of paper written, “I’m the very best.”

Source & Photo: OSEN via Daum



[Photos]2NE1’s Dara reveals teaser choreography shots

On June 16th, 2NE1’s Dara surprised fans with some teaser shots of 2NE1’s choreography for their comeback track, “I’m the Best“! (more…)

[Photos] Nikon Imaging Korea and YG Entertainment join forces

On March 8th, Nikon Imaging Korea and YG Entertainment held a ceremony celebrating their collaboration at Seoul’s Hyatt Hotel.

YG Family members, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, and Yoo In Na made their appearances at the event and lit up the event with their presence. (more…)

[Teaser] Big Bang’s Seungri shows off his variety skills on a blind date

SBS gave a preview into Seungri and G-Dragon’s highly-anticipated guest appearance on the upcoming episode of “Strong Heart” by revealing a story Seungri shared at the recording. (more…)

[Photos] Big Bang unveils their fourth batch of concept photos

Big Bang has been on a roll ever since they announced their comeback earlier this year, and they’ve been busily teasing fans with various videos and photo teasers.  The group unveiled another set today featuring the members in sleek black attire. (more…)


Big Bang is finally back with a brand new concept along with new fashions to look forward to. Big bang is known not only as one of the leaders in the Music industry but their fashion and hair style is to die for as well.  YG entertainment have revealed the concept of the Big bang’s Fourth mini-album on Yg-life blog (official blog of YGE). The post also includes the album tracklist. (more…)

[News/UPDATE] YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk uploads ambiguous message onto YG-Life blog

On February 16th, YG Entertainment’s YG-life blog has been receiving explosive interest from fans, as a message saying, “BIGBANG IS BACK “TONIGHT”‘, was unexpectedly uploaded.

The message did not include any sort of explanation or official announcement, however, a representative stated, “Only CEO Yang knows of the meaning behind that message. We didn’t even know he uploaded an entry like that onto the blog.” (more…)