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2NE1 a popular South Korean hip hop/pop girl group formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. 2NE1 consists of four members: CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy. The group’s name 2NE1 stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century”.

First appearing in “Lollipop”, a commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Telecom, their debut single “Fire” was released on May 6, 2009. Since then, they have released one extended play, 2NE1, and one studio album, To Anyone. “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, “Nal Ddara Haebwayo”, and “Go Away” have all hit number one in South Korea.

In 2NE1’s debut extended play 2NE1, the group was noted for a distinct style. “Lollipop” is noted for it’s strong pop feel, while debut single “Fire” is predominately categorized as hip hop. “I Don’t Care,” however, was intended as a song with a reggae feel.

Their comeback album, To Anyone, was marked by a strong shift into electronic music. “Go Away”, the most successful promotional single from the album, is classified as dance. However, songs like “It Hurts (Slow)” are R&B, a style that characterized their first EP. The three title tracks, “Clap Your Hands,” “Go Away,” and “Can’t Nobody” were noted for their lasting impressions, as they topped music charts weeks after release.

Thematically, 2NE1’s music expresses the feelings of independence and female empowerment. Songs like “Go Away” and “I Don’t Care” reflect this theme of their music.


  • 2NE1 (EP) (2009)


1. “Fire” Teddy Park 3:43
2. “I Don’t Care” Teddy Park, Kush 3:59
3. “In the Club” Teddy Park, Kush 3:45
4. “Let’s Go Party” Teddy Park, Kush, Masta Wu 3:48
5. “Pretty Boy” Teddy Park, Kush 3:25
6. “Stay Together” Teddy Park, Kush 3:44
7. “Lollipop” (Bonus Track) Teddy Park 3:05
  • To Anyone (2010)


1. “Can’t Nobody” Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:28
2. “Go Away” Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:39
3. “Baksu Chyeo” (“박수쳐”, “Clap Your Hands”[a]) e.knock e.knock 3:42
4. “Nan Babba” (“난 바빠”, “I’m Busy”[a]) Big Tone PK, Big Tone 3:38
5. “Apa (Slow)” (“아파 (Slow)”, “It Hurts (Slow)”[a]) e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah 4:16
6. “Sarangeun Ayaya” (“사랑은 아야야”, “Love is Ouch”[a]) Masta Wu Choice37, Big Tone 3:53
7. “You and I” (Bom solo) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:54
8. “Please Don’t Go” (CL and Minzy) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:18
9. “Kiss” (Dara solo) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:33
10. “Nal Ddara Haebwayo” (“날 따라 해봐요”, “Follow Me”[a]) Teddy Park Teddy Park 3:09
11. “I Don’t Care” (Reggae Remix) Teddy Park, e.knock Teddy Park, e.knock 3:52
12. “Can’t Nobody” (English Version) Perry Teddy Park 3:28

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